flow with life

I offer intuitive subtle bodywork  loosely based on techniques of Thai massage, Pulsing and Seiki Soho, a form of  Shiatsu. The intention with which I work is creating an opportunity for a receiver to descend below the level of the surface noise of the mind and contact deeper,  usually unsuspected aspects of his or her  being. As one travels towards their original essence, layers of identification fall away and one becomes lighter, freer, more genuine and more at ease with what is, approaching unconditional and total acceptance of themselves, others, and the World as they are.

Some of the reported benefits of this work are:

  • releases physical, psychological and emotional tension
  • satisfies the need for touch
  • deeply relaxes providing opportunity for a genuine rest
  • increases body awareness and sensitivity
  • promotes self-healing and well-being
  • expands self-awareness
  • supports process of self-discovery and growth

"These events are more often recorded in the soma, or body, than in the verbal memory, and they can be integrated only by subsequently experiencing and making sense of them."

M. Epstein, Thoughts without a thinker