flow with life

In my 15th year of life I realised that there was nothing more fascinating and worth investing my time and effort than exploring the workings of the human body and psyche and I decided to study Medicine in Poland and later qualified in Physiotherapy in London. After a few years of working in the public health service  I started recognising the limitations of the mainstream Western medical model and my interest shifted toward complementary  therapies and I involved myself, both as a client and practitioner, with the fields of bodymind therapies, bodywork, body psychotherapy, humanistic psychology, awareness through movement, meditation and self-inquiry as vehicles for growth, healing and self-discovery. Between 2009-11 I studied intuitive bodywork based on techniques of Nuad Boran (Thai massage)  in Germany and Pulsing  at the Open Centre in London.  In 2017 I  started training in Seiki Soho, an intuitive form of Shiatsu, with Alice Whieldon in London.

My interest lies in self-realisation and healing using  touch.  During sessions I openly share my own insights with clients and challenge their basic assumptions about themselves, others and the World thus, hopefully, guiding their curiosity towards self-discovery and less confusing,  more meaningful and fulfilling life.