flow with life

During the sessions I use subtle touch, some of the time static, although I may throw in more vigorous rocking and shaking movements, if the situation calls for it. This work is not about sorting out a problem, or getting rid of a physical symptom, and therefore it will speak most convincingly to those whose chief interest lies in self-discovery and growth and who are already experienced in various forms of inner work, including meditation and self-inquiry. This work allows a receiver to deepen tuning in to their Inner Voice, which will inform and guide them towards more clarity in life – this is based on the understanding that if you know yourself, you know the Other, the World, and Life. Also, it will  strengthen the bodymind’s capacity for self-healing, which is inherent in all of us, but usually lies dormant buried under the noise of the thinking mind.

To fully benefit from these sessions it is advised to arrive with the intention of total and unconditional surrender, suspending judgement, leaving the expectations behind and withdrawing the dominion of the mind from the body, and simply watching, letting go and allowing whatever needs to happen. Initially not much may be occurring and you may get bored and even fall asleep (restful yogic sleep), or end up in what can be described as a trance zone, which on one hand may seem alien, being so different from the busy outer reality or the inner dreamworld usually crowded with imagery and inner chatter, while on the other hand you will recognise it as very familiar, because this still and quiet place is your true nature and so contacting it will have the taste of homecoming.

As this work is subtle, it will require patience and time in developing sensitivity to notice its effects, that is why a long-term and regular commitment is recommended.

I invite you to be touched.

Flow with life

lie down



give your body to gravity

stay present and curious

open and vulnerable

you are safe

follow the touch into the unknown

let it take you where it wants

let it nurture you

let it heal you

observe thoughts feelings sensations images

coming and going

don’t react

let go


flow with life

there are no boundaries to you

you are everything

you are mystery

Poem by the author